MICHAEL POAST has been a resident and has maintained a studio space in Long Island City, Queens, NYC, for many years. Metalmen Sales, a local business, has named POAST “artist in residence”.

Poast describes his sculptures as being created from strong emotions. The torch-cut steel I-beams release energy and force-an explosion of visual sound. Brideged together, stacked, wedged and welded-they create dynamic compositions incorporating energetic zig-zags, and linear cuts. These forms, heated and twisted, open up spaces that compliment the solid steel.

Poast’s recent explorations into thresholds, by which he means the carving out of spatial areas and volumetric forms, has lead him to using linear forms to imply volume. The negative shapes and torsion filled forms become a positive volume, transversing yet another dimension. A composer as well as a visual artist, Poast uses color as a notation system for musical expression, which he calls Color Music. Examples of his colorful music scores can be viewed in the “Works on paper” project area of this website. He has sometimes performed using his sculptures, relating the painted steel color to the sound it produces when struck with hammers and timpani mallets. An on-going series of lectures Mr. Poast has given on his sculpture and music, the most recent one presented has been at St. John’s University.

Michael Poast has exhibited his outdoor sculptures at such sites as the Socrates Sculpture Park (Long Island City) and Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum (Hamilton, Ohio). He currently has work on view at the Howland Cultural Center (Beacon, NY), Pound Ridge Reserve (Cross River, NY), Unison Art Center (New Paltz, NY) and the Collaborative Concepts Farm Sculpture Project (Garrison, NY). He received honors and grants for both his visual art and his avant-garde music from such organizations as the Lila Acheson Wallace Fund, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, NYSCA and many others. He was honored with a Gottlieb Foundation Grant for re-establishment of a studio space, currently the recipient of an ASCAP Award for his music composition.

Upcoming events include a show of his artwork at the Manhattan Branch of Pratt Institute in March, 2014.